The Summer Work and Travel program is an incredible opportunity to get to know American culture more closely and through a different perspective – by working and traveling there. It also involves, however, a number of challenges that may feel frightening if you have questions you do not know who to ask about.


For this reason, every year, Summer Work and Travel Alumni Bulgaria organizes info sessions with former, current and future participants in the SWT program.


If you are going to a brigade for the first time (or for the second, or third); if you want to get first-hand information on what is waiting for you at your visa interview (including by interviewers themselves); if you want to know more about what lies ahead or you have other concrete questions – these events are just for you. They will provide you with information about all of the technical particularities of the SWT program, including details about the application procedure, finding a job in the U.S., involved expenses and taxes in the U.S.