Summer Work and Travel Alumni Bulgaria recognizes entrepreneurship as a key priority of its work. Supporting SWT alumni with business ideas is part of our organization’s mission.


To this goal, the association organizes entrepreneurship academies for young people who believe in their leadership capabilities and have inspirational ideas for sustainable businesses.


To be an entrepreneur is complex and responsible – you  need to have knowledge and skills in the field of finance, management, marketing, PR, HR, law, accounting, etc. You also need to be able to offer people solutions with excellent presentation skills. All of these you can acquire at our entrepreneurship academies, with the help of interesting sessions with entrepreneurs, role games, teamwork and meetings with successful young people, organized together with the U.S. Embassy in Sofia.


The aim of the entrepreneurship academy is to boost the entrepreneurship ecosystem and to inspire young people in Bulgaria, by providing them with the necessary knowledge and platform for a jump start.


The participants of the entrepreneurship academies need to have participated at least once in the Summer Work and Travel Program USA; be under the age of 30; have an intermediate level of English; have motivation for personal and career development in the entrepreneurship sphere; and have a business idea that can be improved during the academy.