MISSION – The primary mission of the Summer Work & Travel Alumni Association is to create and develop a growing and vibrant network of alumni nationwide and provide them with the opportunity to share and exchange information and experiences. Knowledge is power!

We aim to provide a safe and creative environment for business ideas, that will lead to the fulfillment of ones ”American dream” here in Bulgaria.

How we can help Alumni grow professionally? By providing connections with the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, with American business and with the U.S. Embassy in Sofia.

We encourage networking and the creation of new friendships. Bringing together strangers to work on projects with acommon aim enables us to develop a stable, friendly and constructive platform, which is the backbone for a strong Alumni community.

ACTIVITIES – What do we  do exactly? We organize forums, public lectures, training, events on various topics, networking opportunities and sports events. Any new ideas are more than welcome, and we are happy to listen, improve, learn, share and have fun together.