The most common job positions offered for the SWT program are in shops (shopping assistant, cash point service, etc.), restaurants (waiters, cooks, hosts), hotels (house keeper, receptionist, bell boys), entertainment parks (selling tickets, lifeguards, security check). There are several ways that participants can find a suitable job offer.

  • Job fair (meeting American employers in Bulgaria) – the most preferred and recommended method – the participants have the chance to meet their future employers face to face and learn more about their expectations and the responsibilities they will be taking on. Such job fairs are attended by either authorized representatives of American employers, who can hire the approved candidates or by big American companies themselves aimed at hiring a large number of students for the upcoming summer season.
  • Virtual Hire – since American employers cannot always meet the candidates face to face in Bulgaria, some agencies organize virtual interviews between participants interested in the respective position and the representative of the company.
  • Job Direct – something else offered by agencies is granting access to a database of hundreds of job offers, which you have to browse and apply for on your own by creating a resume in the system and sending out application forms.
  • Self-arranged Jobs –finding a job on your own is the cheapest option – searching on different websites, asking friends or relatives to recommend you to employers or simply going back to your last summer job if you are not travelling for the first time.

Sponsor organizations should provide the necessary assistance and information database to their clients.