–Participants may be assisted in the application process by an accredited U.S. –based sponsor* and a local travel agency. Several agencies in Bulgaria provide such services and the basic packages include assistance in finding a job and housing in the U.S., scheduling and completing the paperwork connected with the visa interview, and providing a travel insurance.

Be advised that the packages offered vary and so do the prices of different agencies. Make sure you do detailed research to find the option that will suit your personal needs the best.

Starting the application procedure is generally easy– after you have decided on a travel agency, visit one of their offices with a valid ID card, proof that you are enrolled in the winter semester of the university year (present stamp and signature in your student book) and the amount of money required for the program by the travel agency.


* an American organization or NGO, which arranges cultural exchanges and assists participants in finding suitable job offers, issuing job permits and supports the participants while in the U.S. Local travel agencies usually have one main sponsor. i.e. the participants themselves should not be concerned with finding one.